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Bus Stop Theory: Experiencing the Banal *Crisp Packet Books*


Bus Stop Theory is an essay that was produced as part of a research project for the Critical Writing in Art & Design program at the Royal College of Art. Examining the design amidst a number of ideas concerned with the 'everyday' as an area of philosophy, the bus stop theory is not a theory taken in the traditional sense, but rather a mode of writing. The 'bus stop' forms both a banal backdrop into a discussion about how our public spaces are increasingly shaped by private companies and, as a site of direction the bus stop becomes a prism through which the steadfast modernization of our contemporary everyday life is focused.

Designed by Joana Pestana & Pietro Garrone
Sponsored by Soffle's Pitta Chips
Limited run of 100
Published. 2015
Avaliable in Red/ Yellow/ Black/ Grey